January 2015 – We as a family are overwhelmed by everyone’s prayers, support and generosity. If this alone could be a medicine for Henry, he would be cured.
We had thought we had exhausted all our efforts for treatment here in the UK, however we were so grateful from a lead given to us, that a group of Oncologists and Scientists in Harley Street London in February 2015, now they have Henry on a clinical trial, the combination of drugs are to keep the tumours at bay, this is the first bit of hope we have had in a long time and their thoughts are that this combined with a treatment abroad, that this will have a positive effect on Henry’s tumour and cancer. We live in hope.

2015 – To Date Henry visits the Chinese Guardian Herbs and acupuncture in Poole (Dolphin Centre). Henry first went to Mary over a year ago with Tinnitus after his diagnosis, after 3 months of treatment Henry no longer has Tinnitus. Mary treats Henry during Chemotherapy to remove toxins from his body to help his immune system; Henry has been on an herbal mixture for over a year with very good results, for his liver function, hay fever, promoting hair regrowth and general wellbeing. We cannot thank her enough for her support and believe that her treatments have got Henry through heavy periods of chemotherapy and helped him to remain fit and well.

Henry had treatment in India (Cytotron RFQMR) in May 2015, where he underwent 28 days, every day of a non-invasive treatment a safe tissue engineering technology, which uses non-ionising radiofrequencies to induce apoptosis (programmed cell death tissue in the tumour) As a result in just 28 days there had been a reduction in Henry’s tumours and the activity of the tumour.
Henry returned to India in October 2015 for another 28 day cycle of treatment, the results were once again good for this stage of GBM with further reduction in the lesion and he has no disease progression and is classed as stable.

Henry had a scan at Poole hospital in January 2016 and all is still stable no disease progression however no further reduction. We have now transferred to Southampton from Poole to work with a team who will consider Henrys treatments outside the NHS, which is something his consultant was not prepared to do in Poole.

In February 2016 we have met Henry’s new consultant and the meeting was very positive and informative and feel he is on board and with us in our fight to save Henry. It is the first time that we have had confirmation in writing from the NHS recognising that Henry’s tumours have reduced and that the activity (cancer) in the tumour and the mass effect compared to his original diagnosis is reduced and that he is in a stable position. This is something we have been fighting for and we are pleased with their recognition and confirmation. His tumour has been downgraded from a 4 to a 3.

Henry went to India on the 4th May 2016 and has just returned on the 13th June, completing another cycle of treatment. The tumour is stable and Henry is fit and well and healthy, he has no symptoms relating to the tumour which is very positive at this stage in GBM. We went to Care Oncology Harley Street London on Friday 15th July 2016. The team there are using
Henry’s results with a group of Consultants at Leeds NHS who are looking to treat patients as the results for GBM have not been good.

This is a start into moving forward and attempt to raise awareness under the NHS. We were pleased with our consultation, and Henry’s tumour remains stable and show signs of dead cells and reduced activity which is progress leading towards a
benign tumour, which we hope and pray will be the results as you can live with a benign tumour. We still have a long way to go but new trial drugs are coming out which Henry will have shortly and his next visit to India will be January 2017.

Henry continues under the Care Oncology Team to date.
On 4th August 2016 Henry had his MRI scan in Poole, his consultant called me on the 8th with the fantastic news that Henry’s tumour is still stable no activity and no change. This really is a big thing when discussing a Glioblastoma Tumour. On September 15th we visited Southampton and the consultant and team are pleased by Henry’s results.

Henry had his scan on 12th December 2016, it is always a fraught stomach churning time, and we were so pleased to receive Henry’s report to state that his tumour is still stable, with no disease progression and the activity of the tumour still classed as inactive. Henry is symptom free and happy and healthy. I can’t tell you how over the moon we were to receive this information and we will have a happy Christmas.

On the 19th January 2017  Henry left for India to start his 28 day cycle with my sister in law Priscilla. Henry was determined to eat well and gain weight after coming down with sickness bug at Christmas and lost alot of weight. He returned fit, healthy gaining a stone in weight and had been to the gym to build up his muscle. His MRI scan was very pleasing still the stability of the tumour and a further reduction in the size.

Henry returned home on 1st March, it was a very long time for us without him. Henry has seen his Consultant on the 16th of January who has confirmed the MRI scan showing further reduction and the stability of the activity. Henry’s latest scan in June 2017 shows stability with no further nodules and the enhancement stable. We are now awaiting the scan date for December 2017 which is always a worrying time; we are planning treatment in India in the early months of 2018 depending on the scan results, and the tedious planning for medical Visas etc.Henry had his scan on the 12th December 2017 and we were overjoyed to receive the report that stated stability of the tumour, no enhancement and no oedema. A stable tumour once again, is great for his type of tumour.

We thank each and every one of you as without your fundraising Henry would not be in the position he is today alive and still with us, as in October 2014 we were given every parent’s worst nightmare that Henry was given 14 months to live, I can’t even explain to you how we felt that day given that news, I know my stomach was in my mouth for a long time, and we went around in a daze for some time trying to take everything in until we decided we had to do something, we paid to see consultant after consultant and as all doors were being closed in our face we and close family started to research everything to give Henry a chance.

Our fundraising will continue as we will not stop, and will continue the search for treatments for Henry’s tumour, to stop it reforming and keep him alive.
Henry and Jonathan left for India treatment plan on Easter Monday 2nd April . Priscilla will swap over with Jonathan on the 16th April 2018 for the remainder of Henry’s treatment, they will return on 10th May 2018. Update to follow after scans and treatment.

All monies raised to date have been used for treatments, consultations, alternative therapies, dietary supplements, treatments abroad, immune boosting drugs and therapies, Care Oncology drugs and consultations, scans and legal advice and fees. Please continue to pray for us and send us any leads or any cancer treatments that may help.

Please send them to

If you can think of any fundraising events you could do, cake sales, raffles, tombola’s, jumblesales, sponsored walks etc. then please contact the website anything would be gratefully appreciated, all the little amounts mount up.

Thank You. With love from all the family Vicki, Jonathan, Henry, Charlotte &; Oliver Searle xxxxx