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Swanage Ambulance Car is a Rapid Response Vehicle – a fast car – based at Swanage, and covering Purbeck. Unlike the regular Swanage Ambulance, which can be outside Purbeck all day, the car does not take patients to hospital and remains in the Purbeck.

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Henry had a seizure on Thursday morning (01/04/2021) and fortunately the Swanage car ambulance responded first within 5 minutes. The amasing paramedics were able to give Henry vital care before the ambulance arrived. 
Without this, we would of had to wait medically unattended for the nearest ambulance available to respond to his needs. Depending on what time of day and traffic conditions, it could have taken at a minimum of 45-minutes to anywhere upwards of 2-hours to get to Swanage. 
We are aware that the car ambulance team have to remain impartial, however both sets of ambulance crews today have stressed how vital it is for all residents and visitors of Swanage that we save the Swanage ambulance car.
It is not something you would think about until you are in a situation where you or your loved ones require their services.
Melvyn Norris has created a petition page on 38degrees, we ask anyone to please support the campaign by signing and sharing it.
Thank you. #saveswanageambulancecar #support4henry

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Swanage Ambulance Car
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