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Go fund me campaign


Henrys cousin Margarette Corben, has gone above and beyond to help Henry and his family faise funds for much needed new treatments.


Henrys tumour has been stable until recently.  Current MRI scans have shown disease progression and Henry is now experiencing the negative  effects of the tumours growth. The treatments that Henry has been undergoing are no longer viable in stabilising or shrinking his tumour.

The NHS have now suggested a drug called Bevaczumab, which has shown to be successful but the cost of this treatment is not covered by NHS.  Following this Henry is then eligible for Dentritic Immunotherapy.

With the last year showing us all how precious life is, please show your kindness and generosity by giving Henry the chance to Live.

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Henrys cousin Margarette Corben
Henrys & cousin Margarette Corben
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